Oscars Thoughts

I watched last night’s Oscars on ABC. It was fun, but not quite as rich in material as other award shows have been lately (as anyone watching my twitter feed probably noticed). I thought it was awesome when Angelina Jolie’s thigh threatened to take over the whole theatre, and I couldn’t help but wonder when Billy Crystal was replaced by his own Lipton Brisk commercial puppet.

And there was that. Let’s not forget about that.

Aside from that, a few thoughts about last night’s telecast in no random order.

Oscars 2012: The Red Carpet

  • In any contest between a tribute to silent films and an actual silent film, the silent film wins.
  • The secret to a movie like The Muppets working is that everybody who worked on the film is somebody who either has been there from the start or who grew up wanting to be part of the show.
  • The producers can go so far as to completely eliminate performances of the nominated songs, and still go over on time. I’m starting to think you have bigger problems than the Best Original Song category, guys.
  • Just let Tina Fey host, already.
  • Christopher Plummer should give lessons on how to give acceptance speeches.
  • The entire ceremony is capable of being upstaged by the Muppets rocking out to “Under Pressure” in a commercial.
  • The acronym title for ABC’s new series, GCB, stands for “Good Christian Bitches.” And that third word is apparently one that must never be uttered in a commercial.
  • Also, the lengths to which ABC will go to make certain that you know what the word is without having to actually say the word are hilarious, just not in the way ABC expected.
  • Despite the above two facts, ABC is also launching its new sitcom, Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, also with its own hilarious attempts to avoid saying the word in the commercials.

And, again, this: 

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